Fryborg is a food truck in New Haven, CT that specializes in hand-cut, double-fried french fries served with a variety of dipping sauces and toppings, as well as real sugar sodas in glass bottles. We also offer some tasty grilled sandwiches of both savory and sweet varieties. Come find us to get your french fry fix!

Our regular daily hours of operation are, roughly, Tuesday-Friday 12:00 am – 2:00 pm. Sometimes we sell out early or stay out a little later, so please check our website, Twitter, or Facebook to see our plans for the day. We will try to give as much advance notice about our location as possible, but things are always subject to the whimsy of the parking gods.

The truck usually rolls out on weekends for special events, festivals, and private functions, so check our social media pages to see what our plans are. We go all over the entire state of CT, as well as Southern MA, and Eastern NY!

If you’d like to book the truck for a private event, please e-mail us via our contact page or call us at 203-701-8383. Thanks!